class asyncpraw.models.LiveUpdate)

Provides a set of contribution functions to LiveUpdate.

__init__(update: asyncpraw.models.LiveUpdate)

Initialize a LiveUpdateContribution instance.


update – An instance of LiveUpdate.

This instance can be retrieved through update.contrib where update is a LiveUpdate instance. E.g.,

thread = await"ukaeu1ik4sw5")
update = await thread.get_update("7827987a-c998-11e4-a0b9-22000b6a88d2")
update.contrib  # LiveUpdateContribution instance
await update.contrib.remove()
await remove()

Remove a live update.


thread = await"ydwwxneu7vsa")
update = await thread.get_update("6854605a-efec-11e6-b0c7-0eafac4ff094")
await update.contrib.remove()
await strike()

Strike a content of a live update.

thread = await"xyu8kmjvfrww")
update = await thread.get_update("cb5fe532-dbee-11e6-9a91-0e6d74fabcc4")
await update.contrib.strike()

To check whether the update is stricken or not, use update.stricken attribute.


Accessing lazy attributes on updates (includes update.stricken) may raise AttributeError. See LiveUpdate for details.