Change Log

Async PRAW follows semantic versioning.




  • Drop support for Python 3.6, which is end-of-life on 2021-12-23.

  • conversations() now returns a ListingGenerator allowing you to page through more than 100 conversations.


  • The after argument for conversations() will now have to be included in params keyword argument.

7.5.0 (2021/11/13)


  • Log a warning if a submission’s comment_sort attribute is updated after the submission has already been fetched and a warn_comment_sort config setting to turn off the warning.

  • user_selectable() to get available subreddit link flairs.

  • Automatic RateLimit handling will support errors with millisecond resolution.

  • Draft to represent a submission draft.

  • Draft.delete() to delete drafts.

  • Draft.submit() to submit drafts.

  • Draft.update() to modify drafts.

  • DraftHelper to fetch or create drafts on new Reddit.

  • DraftList to represent a list of Draft objects.



  • Fixed return value type of methods returning a listing in Subreddit and its helper classes.

  • An import error when using Async PRAW in environments where libsqlite3-dev is needed to utilize aiosqlite package which depends on the sqlite3 builtin.


  • The keyword argument lazy has been replace by fetch to consolidate the keyword argument used to explicitly perform a fetch when initializing an object.

7.4.0 (2021/07/30)




  • Reddit keyword argument token_manager.

7.3.1 (2021/07/06)


  • Reddit will now be shallow copied when a deepcopy is preformed on it as asyncprawcore.Session (more specifically, asyncio.AbstractEventLoop) does not support being deepcopied.


  • Fixed an issue where some RedditBase objects would be sent in a request as "None".

7.3.0 (2021/06/18)



  • moderated() will now objectify all data returned from the API.

  • The wiki_edit endpoint has been changed from r/{subreddit}/api/wiki/edit/ to r/{subreddit}/api/wiki/edit.

  • Redditor.block() no longer needs to retrieve a user’s fullname.



  • Fixed bug where WikiPage.edit() and SubredditWiki.create() would fail if passed content and reason parameters that produced a request with a body greater than 500 KiB, even when the parameters did not exceed their respective permitted maximum lengths.

  • Fixed bug where request() could not handle instances of BadRequests when the JSON data contained only the keys “reason” and “message”.

  • Fixed bug where request() could not handle instances of BadRequests when the response did not contain valid JSON data.

  • Fixed bug where fullname() sometimes returned the wrong fullname.

7.2.0 (2021/02/25)



  • The configuration setting refresh_token is deprecated and its use will result in a DeprecationWarning. This deprecation applies in all ways of setting configuration values, i.e., via praw.ini, as a keyword argument when initializing an instance of Reddit, and via the PRAW_REFRESH_TOKEN environment variable. To be prepared for Async PRAW 8, use the new Reddit keyword argument token_manager. See Working with Refresh Tokens in Async PRAW’s documentation for an example.

  • me() will no longer return None when called in read_only mode starting in Async PRAW 8. A DeprecationWarning will be issued. To switch forward to the Async PRAW 8 behavior set praw8_raise_exception_on_me=True in your asyncpraw.Reddit(...) call.

7.1.1 (2021/02/11)


  • Add method Subreddits.premium() to reflect the naming change in Reddit’s API.

  • Ability to submit image galleries with submit_gallery().

  • Ability to pass a gallery url to Reddit.submission().

  • Ability to specify modmail mute duration.

  • Add method invited() to get invited moderators of a subreddit.

  • Ability to submit text/self posts with inline media.

  • Add method Submission.award() and Comment.award() with the ability to specify type of award, anonymity, and message when awarding a submission or comment.

  • Ability to specify subreddits by name using the subreddits parameter in

  • Added Reddit.close() to close the requestor session.

  • Ability to use Reddit as an asynchronous context manager that automatically closes the requestor session on exit.


  • BoundedSet will now utilize a Last-Recently-Used (LRU) storing mechanism, which will change the order in which elements are removed from the set.

  • Improved submit_image() and submit_video() performance in slow network environments by removing a race condition when establishing a websocket connection.



  • An issue where leaving as a moderator fails if you are using token auth.

  • An issue where an incorrect error was being raised due to invalid submission urls.

  • A bug where if you call .parent() on a comment it clears its replies.

  • An issue where performing a deepcopy on an RedditBase object will fail.

  • Some cases where streams yield the same item multiple times. This cannot be prevented in every case.

  • An issue where streams could get stuck on a deleted item and never pull new items.

  • Fix subreddit style asset uploading.

7.1.0 (2020/07/16)

  • First official Async PRAW release!

7.1.0.pre1 (2020/07/16)

  • Initial Async PRAW pre-release.

For changes in PRAW please see: PRAW Changelog