Installing Async PRAW

Async PRAW supports Python 3.7+. The recommended way to install Async PRAW is via pip.

pip install asyncpraw


Depending on your system, you may need to use pip3 to install packages for Python 3.


Avoid using sudo to install packages. Do you really trust this package?

For instructions on installing Python and pip see “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python” Installation Guides.

Updating Async PRAW

Async PRAW can be updated by running:

pip install --upgrade asyncpraw

Installing Older Versions

Older versions of Async PRAW can be installed by specifying the version number as part of the installation command:

pip install asyncpraw==7.1.0

Installing the Latest Development Version

Is there a feature that was recently merged into Async PRAW that you cannot wait to take advantage of? If so, you can install Async PRAW directly from GitHub like so:

pip install --upgrade

You can also directly clone a copy of the repository using git, like so:

pip install --upgrade git+