class asyncpraw.models.WidgetModeration(widget, subreddit, reddit)

Class for moderating a particular widget.

Example usage:

subreddit = await reddit.subreddit("test")
sidebar = [widget async for widget in subreddit.widgets.sidebar()]
widget = sidebar[0]
await widget.mod.update(shortName="My new title")
await widget.mod.delete()
__init__(widget, subreddit, reddit)

Initialize a WidgetModeration instance.

await delete()

Delete the widget.

Example usage:

await widget.mod.delete()
await update(**kwargs)

Update the widget. Returns the updated widget.

Parameters differ based on the type of widget. See Reddit documentation or the document of the particular type of widget.

For example, update a text widget like so:

await text_widget.mod.update(shortName="New text area", text="Hello!")


Most parameters follow the lowerCamelCase convention. When in doubt, check the Reddit documentation linked above.