class asyncpraw.models.WidgetModeration(widget: asyncpraw.models.Widget, subreddit: asyncpraw.models.Subreddit | str, reddit: asyncpraw.Reddit)

Class for moderating a particular widget.

Example usage:

subreddit = await reddit.subreddit("test")
sidebar = [widget async for widget in subreddit.widgets.sidebar()]
widget = sidebar[0]
await widget.mod.update(shortName="My new title")
await widget.mod.delete()
__init__(widget: asyncpraw.models.Widget, subreddit: asyncpraw.models.Subreddit | str, reddit: asyncpraw.Reddit)

Initialize a WidgetModeration instance.

await delete()

Delete the widget.

Example usage:

await widget.mod.delete()
await update(**kwargs) asyncpraw.models.ButtonWidget | asyncpraw.models.Calendar | asyncpraw.models.CommunityList | asyncpraw.models.CustomWidget | asyncpraw.models.IDCard | asyncpraw.models.ImageWidget | asyncpraw.models.Menu | asyncpraw.models.ModeratorsWidget | asyncpraw.models.PostFlairWidget | asyncpraw.models.RulesWidget | asyncpraw.models.TextArea | asyncpraw.models.Widget

Update the widget. Returns the updated widget.

Parameters differ based on the type of widget. See Reddit documentation or the document of the particular type of widget.


The updated Widget.

For example, update a text widget like so:

await text_widget.mod.update(shortName="New text area", text="Hello!")


Most parameters follow the lowerCamelCase convention. When in doubt, check the Reddit documentation linked above.