class asyncpraw.models.reddit.subreddit.SubredditFlairTemplates(subreddit: asyncpraw.models.Subreddit)

Provide functions to interact with a Subreddit’s flair templates.

__init__(subreddit: asyncpraw.models.Subreddit)

Initialize a SubredditFlairTemplates instance.


subreddit – The subreddit whose flair templates to work with.


This class should not be initialized directly. Instead, obtain an instance via:

subreddit = await reddit.subreddit("test")

or via

subreddit = await reddit.subreddit("test")
await delete(template_id: str)

Remove a flair template provided by template_id.

For example, to delete the first Redditor flair template listed, try:

async for template_info in subreddit.flair.templates:
    await subreddit.flair.templates.delete(template_info["id"])
staticmethod flair_type(is_link: bool) str

Return "LINK_FLAIR" or "USER_FLAIR" depending on is_link value.

await update(template_id: str, *, allowable_content: str | None = None, background_color: str | None = None, css_class: str | None = None, fetch: bool = True, max_emojis: int | None = None, mod_only: bool | None = None, text: str | None = None, text_color: str | None = None, text_editable: bool | None = None)

Update the flair template provided by template_id.

  • template_id – The flair template to update. If not valid then an exception will be thrown.

  • allowable_content – If specified, most be one of "all", "emoji", or "text" to restrict content to that type. If set to "emoji" then the "text" param must be a valid emoji string, for example, ":snoo:".

  • background_color – The flair template’s new background color, as a hex color.

  • css_class – The flair template’s new css_class (default: "").

  • fetch – Whether Async PRAW will fetch existing information on the existing flair before updating (default: True).

  • max_emojis – Maximum emojis in the flair (Reddit defaults this value to 10).

  • mod_only – Indicate if the flair can only be used by moderators.

  • text – The flair template’s new text.

  • text_color – The flair template’s new text color, either "light" or "dark".

  • text_editable – Indicate if the flair text can be modified for each redditor that sets it (default: False).


If parameter fetch is set to False, all parameters not provided will be reset to their default (None or False) values.

For example, to make a user flair template text editable, try:

async for template_info in subreddit.flair.templates:
    await subreddit.flair.templates.update(